Ontario Newcomer Trades Action Program (ONTAP)

The Ontario Newcomer Trades Action Program (ONTAP) provides information and training related to opportunities in Ontario’s skilled trades. Supports are available to service providers, employers, and under-employed community members interested in long-term, rewarding career opportunities.

Sessions are open to everyone and there is no cost to participate.  


ONTAP helps job-seekers explore opportunities in Ontario’s 144 skilled trades and better understand what employers are looking for.

Requirements: Level 5 

  • Apprenticeship and Pre- Apprenticeship Programs
  • Employment and Academic Advice 
  • Foreign Experience Recognition Process 
  • Labour Market Information 
  • Networking

Open to all those interested in learning about the Skilled Trades in Southwestern Ontario. 


If you are interested in this program, please provide us with your basic information. A program representative will contact you within 5 business days.

Ronnie Haidar 
Outreach Worker 
519-258-9622 Ext. 2653



Service Providers

ONTAP provides service providers in Southwestern Ontario with all of the information they need to advise clients on opportunities in the skilled trades, including (but not limited to) foreign experience recognition process, local resources, labour market information, viable career pathways, and alternative careers.

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ONTAP helps employers develop strategies for attracting, training, and retaining newcomers as employees. Sessions also review how employers can support their internationally-trained workers with apprenticeship and trade equivalency assessment processes.

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Ronnie Haidar, Outreach Worker
519-258-9622 Ext. 2653