Your Gift at Work 

YMCA programs are proven to have a positive impact on all, but particularly positive on children, teens and young adults of low income families, dramatically enhancing their health and overall well- being both today and well in to the future.  The economic impact of keeping our children, teens and young adults healthy and active is well proven and documented.  

YMCA programs vary from community to community but one thing is constant: Every kid deserves a chance and everyone is welcome!

Through the generosity of our donors, last year:

  • 363 campers received financial assistance through our YMCA Strong Kids Fund.  
  • 1795 weeks of camp were subsidized through the YMCA Strong Kids Fund. 
  • Last year, our YMCA Strong Kids Campaign provided over $4.4 million in financial support to access programs across our Y. 

View our Gratitude Report to donors here.