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Awards Application for 2024!

Below you will find 3 Award Category Descriptions. Please read each Award Category Description carefully and choose the one that best describes you. You'll find the link to apply below the descriptions.

Individual Award Winners will be chosen from within each Award Category.
Please note – you may only apply for 1 of the Award Categories.


Volunteerism, Advocacy & Community Service

This category recognizes candidates who go above and beyond, who foster goodwill, and who strive to make a difference in his / her community through volunteer work and causes they are passionate about. Examples may include but are not limited to; working with youth, coaching, peer tutoring, working to combat food insecurity or active involvement in youth-focused charities or not-for-profit organizations.

This category recognizes candidates who advocate for those with special needs or special education requirements, works or volunteers to improve their lives and their contributions to their community. This category also recognizes candidates who express himself/herself well on behalf of Canada, possesses an affinity for travel and governmental affairs at both the international and the civic levels, and can demonstrate leadership through humanitarian work.

Finally, this category recognizes candidates who have made a positive impact in their community through their advocacy and work in the field of Social Justice. Candidates may have identified a specific need or shortcoming in his/her school or community and responded to the need by working individually or by collaborating with others to gather necessary resources (financial, human, and/or political) to successfully address the need in order to build a stronger and more equitable community. Candidates will have given significant time and energy to their Social Justice cause, have personally faced adversity and overcome their own struggles with courage and perseverance or may be identified as an ally to their cause. The nominee will demonstrate a passion for helping those in need, a vision of equality for all, and a dedication to building a stronger and better community.

This category includes the following individual awards:

  • K. Eileen Wilson Award – Sponsored by Kirk Wilson
  • Philanthropy Award – Sponsored by Steeves & Rozema Group
  • Social Justice Award – Sponsored by Social Services Network of Sarnia-Lambton
  • Volunteerism Award – Sponsored by Rotary Club of Sarnia-Bluewaterland
  • International Ambassador Award – Sponsored by Rotary Club of Sarnia

Health, Wellness & Perseverance

This category recognizes candidates who have worked hard to overcome personal obstacles and/or hardships, which may or may not include mental health issues; or who have advocated for others through their actions and/or community leadership.

The successful candidates should be individuals who have helped either themselves or others in the community through any number of the following: increasing suicide prevention/awareness, reducing stigma, encouraging belonging, meaning, purpose and hope, and helping to connect others to resources or to professional treatment and support.

Distinguished achievement in the field of athletics whether through individual, participation in team sport or coaching is also recognized.

The successful candidates should also demonstrate a commitment to volunteer work and service to others in the community.

This category includes the following individual awards:

  • Bellavance Family Award – Sponsored by Richard & Becky Bellavance
  • YMCA Core Values Award – Sponsored by YMCA of Southwestern Ontario
  • Thelma McMurray Award – Sponsored by Jim McMurray
  • Elaine McMurray Memorial Award – Sponsored by Jim McMurray
  • Alan Stevenson Memorial Award - Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association 
  • Rebound Founders Award - Sponsored by Sarnia-Lambton Rebound

Skills Development & Creative Expression

This category recognizes candidates who have shown exceptional leadership skills and service to the community and are committed to improving life for themselves and their families. Candidates should articulate how they have successfully addressed challenges in their lives. The successful candidates will have demonstrated leadership skills through planning, listening, and mentorship; along with the ability to collaborate and work well with others.

The successful candidates may also show a passion for creative expressions and advanced skill development in diverse fields including music, art, design, entrepreneurship, education or science. Creative expression can include but is not limited to the performance, development, or preservation of visual, literary and performing arts (drama, music, and other visual or performing arts).

Candidates should possess strong organizational skills, creative ideas, and speak to their community involvement and volunteer service.

This category includes the following individual awards:

  • Excellence in Leadership Award – Sponsored by Sarnia Lambton Federal Liberal Association
  • Apprenticeship Award – Sponsored by Sarnia Lambton Workforce Development Board
  • CSN St. Clair Auto Award – Sponsored by CSN St. Clair Auto
  • Business Innovation Award – Sponsored by Sarnia Lambton Business -Development Corporation
  • Creativity Award – Sponsored by cineSarnia
  • Arts & Culture - Sponsored by The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts
  • Environmental Stewardship - Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Sarnia Lambton After-Hours

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Applications are open until March 17, 2024.