How the Y helps change career paths: Mike’s Story

Mike at the gym

Mike joined the YMCA in July 2023 through London’s Y Opportunities Employment Services Program. Through this program Mike wanted to change his career path and use his past skills and experiences and work in something he loved and was passionate about. Through the classes Mike gained skills in recreating his resume to help define his transferable skills and write effective cover letters. Through the programs presentations Mike connected deeply with Canadian Mental Health Associations – Living Life To The Full program that allowed him to break vicious cycle of procrastination and build healthier habits and live the best life for himself.

Mike had previously graduated from Fanshawe College with an Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering. Through schooling and work experiences Mike knew that he loved working hands on but also liked being able to interact with other individuals. Through that route of work Mike didn’t get as much interaction with other individuals as he had hoped. 

Mike had come to Tess Corriveau, the Enhanced Employer Support Facilitator with an interest in working in health and fitness. At that time the London branches had been looking for wellness coaches. The EESF supported Mike as they interviewed for the Wellness Coach position and then was hired at the Star Tech YMCA. Through this position Mike was able to work in an area that he was passionate about. Mike enjoys helping others reach their goals and full potential. Through this position Mike has been able to grow and take on more responsibilities. Earlier this year in February 2024 Mike was offered a position as the Health and Wellness Coordinator for StarTech YMCA. 

Mike stated that “The Y opportunities program gave me the confidence to keep trying, even when life is hard. If you focus on doing this every day and putting yourself out there eventually you can achieve your goals. The program is there to support you every step of the way whether that be reaching out to an employer, mock interview preparation, offering support and other community resources and being there to support you when you start your work experience. You can be sure you will get the help and support you need from the Y Opportunities Program.”  

If you are interested or know anyone interest in becoming a participant in the Y Opportunities program, you can learn more and get in contact with the team in your specific geographic location Y Opportunities.