Fundraising Goal: $2.5 million 

A growing number of our family, friends, and neighbours are having a hard time accessing safe affordable housing, transportation, education, and clean air and water. Many are experiencing racism, discrimination and violence. This impacts the full potential of health and wellbeing for everyone in our community. 

Some challenges are even greater for Newcomers to Canada who are building lives in Southwestern Ontario. 

As a community builder, the Y works to reduce these barriers through our programs. Our community partnerships support many vulnerable community members and create important pathways into community and opportunities for Newcomers. 

A strong community is one where every individual has a chance to succeed. Learn more about the WE Value Partnership supporting Newcomers here

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Community Statistics

Income inequality in Canada has increased over the past 20 years with more older adults experiencing poverty each year

As many as 1 in 7 households don't have enough money to maintain a healthy diet

9 in 10 Canadians didn't attend a live community event or had no involvement in neighbourhood or community projects during the pandemic

Many Newcomers are experiencing poverty in Southwestern Ontario and struggle to find work in their field

Source: SWAHN Community Health Profile, Angus Reid, Statistics Canada, Fraser Institute, LPRC

You can make a gift to build a strong community: 

$350,000 in subsidy to provide community members access to skill-building programs 

$40,000 to support Diversity and Inclusion training, speakers and initiatives 

$185,000 subsidizing Family Camp weeks for Newcomer families and over 100 Y memberships for Newcomer households 

$1.925 million maintaining a strong and healthy charity so the Y continues to adapt to meet the changing needs of our community while recovering from the pandemic