WE Value: Starting a New Chapter in April

Man working in book

The WE Value Partnership is preparing to start a new chapter in April after over a 6-year journey piloting innovative client, community, and settlement agency tools. The team is celebrating their collective achievements and future innovations at their upcoming Community Data Sharing & Consultation events, and Final Forum as well as with project completion reports and technology updates.

More about WE Value has accomplished:

  • The WE Value Partnership's 3 innovation projects, funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), are coming to an end March 31, 2024. This new chapter comes after 6 exciting years of piloting new tools for communities and settlement agencies to build towards Settlement Success, Together. The team is putting together final reports to share their successes, insights, and overall learning.
  • The WE Value team is also completing their final round of project technology development that centers feedback from partners, staff, and clients. These updates will increase the accessibility and long term success of the tools use.
  • The WE Value team had their Community Data Sharing and Consultation events on February 29 and March 1 as well as their final forum on March 20. These events promoted collaboration and joint efforts in a community to tackle complex issues together.
  • The WE Value team completed a Call for Proposal to IRCC to offer supports to settlement agencies interested in using the technology, approach, and learnings from the past 6 years to easily implement the new approach to Needs and Assets Assessment and Referral Services expected in 2025.

Read more about how the Y is contributing to Settlement Success, Together at https://www.wevalue.ca