Leadership programs at CQE are designed to provide opportunities for progressive growth and development in an outdoor environment. 

At age 15, campers are able to start their leadership journey with our first month-long leadership program, Leadership 1: DEL (Developing Excellent Leaders). At age 16, they can progress to our Leadership 2: Island LIT (Leaders in Training) or Venture LIT (Leaders in Training). Our month-long leadership programs offer participants incredible opportunities to challenge themselves, grow and develop new skills, and create lifelong friendships within their leadership groups

Please note that there will not be any age exceptions for our 2024 leadership programs as they have been designed for the specific age groups listed.


2024 Leadership SessionsAge  
(by Dec 31, 2024)
Leadership 1: DELJuly DEL15June 30-July 26, 2024$3,453
August DEL15July 28-August 23, 2024$3,453
Leadership 2: Island LIT or Venture LITJuly Island LIT16June 30-July 26, 2024$3,453
August Island LIT16July 28-August 23, 2024$3,453
July Venture LIT - sold out! Waitlist available16June 30-July 26, 2024$4,253
August Venture LIT - sold out! Waitlist available16August 4-23, 2024, 2024$3,825


*Please note: All camp fees listed are subject to 13% HST.



Leadership 1: DEL (Developing Excellent Leaders) (4 Weeks)  
Participants must be 15 years old by December 31st of the camp session’s calendar year. It is recommended that participants have their Bronze Medallion swimming level or are confident swimmers.

Our four-week Leadership 1: DEL program is designed to develop confidence and independence in our participants and allow them to grow as leaders.  The program provides opportunities for participants to focus on communication, decision making, teamwork, group leadership, tripping and skill development. Working together to succeed collectively is an important part of the fun, challenge and adventure of being a DEL.

The DEL participants will spend 11 nights on a canoe trip in the Temagami region and the other portion of their month at CQE working on leadership and skill development. DELs practice various outdoor and camp skills during the time they spend at CQE. They develop skills in a diverse range of areas including risk management, outdoor living, group dynamics and interpersonal skills. While at camp, every morning they will participate in activities with the aim of achieving the highest level in at least one area (canoeing, kayaking, sailing, or windsurfing).

On trip, the DEL Trainers lead the first few days of the canoe trip, while participants take an active role in all aspects of trip leadership during the remainder of it.  With the help and supervision of their trainers, all DEL participants will have the opportunity to navigate, cook, take initiative, and take an active leadership role in group decisions. As part of the program, DELs will receive both formal and informal feedback throughout the month.

Leadership 2: Island LIT (4 Weeks)  
Participants must be 16 years old by December 31st of the camp session’s calendar year. 
We recommend participants complete Leadership 1 or an equivalent program and have their Bronze Cross swimming level or are confident swimmers.

The Island LIT program is one of two options for 16 year olds in our CQE leadership training program. The LIT program provides practical experience working with youth through cabin and program placements and focuses on furthering leadership, interpersonal, program facilitation and planning skills.  

Participants spend two weeks in a program placement, where they help teach morning activities at camp, and spend their afternoons and evenings with the other LITs in sessions to develop their programming, interpersonal and leadership skills.  As outtripping is an important part of the CQE experience, part of the program placement will be a four-day canoe trip in smaller groups where our LITs can develop their tripping skills. They will also participate in a two-week cabin placement as a “Cabin LIT”, where each LIT is paired with a cabin group for the session. They will participate in all cabin programs and be given the opportunity to help lead several programs, all while under the guidance of experienced CQE Staff.  

Leadership 2: Venture LIT (4 Weeks in July or 3 Weeks in August)  
Participants must be 16 years old by December 31st of the camp session’s calendar year. 
We recommend participants complete Leadership 1 or an equivalent program and have their Bronze Cross swimming level or are confident swimmers. Participants must be comfortable and competent canoeists with experience on canoe trips.

The Venture LIT program is the second option for 16 year olds in our CQE leadership training program. This program focuses on the development of leadership and advanced tripping skills in a wilderness environment. This program has been specifically modified and designed to help support the development of our leaders and ensure they feel successful in this program after two summers away from camp.

Participants will spend a couple of days at camp focusing on paddling and tripping skills, including moving water paddling.  They will also have opportunities to learn and develop their leadership skills within the camp community.  The group will then head out on a three-week backcountry canoe trip which is the core of this program where they will develop skills in decision-making, risk management, environmental stewardship, and group management. This incredibly unique experience and environment allows participants to form deep bonds with the natural world and their fellow leaders, while learning and growing in a supportive space.


YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth partners with the YMCA Academy to offer an accredited Ontario high school credit within our month-long leadership programs, Leadership 1: DEL and Leadership 2: Island LIT/ Venture LIT. The credit is included in the program and all leadership participants will earn a credit. DELs will earn a physical education credit and Island/Venture LITs will earn a leadership credit. 

For more information, contact by email.


As with our classic sessions, upon registration our in-camp leadership programs campers will have the choice to sign up for an all gender or single gender cabin group. It is important to us that our campers are able to choose an accommodation that makes them feel comfortable and to be themselves.  Please note all Leadership Outtrip and Venture LIT programs continue to be all gender programs. 

All gender spaces are open to everyone – it is a welcoming space for campers who want to share a space with campers of different genders, who have friends or siblings who are different genders, and for campers who identify as non-binary or genderqueer.  

Our all gender cabin option will be offered across all sessions in addition to our single gender cabin options and the number of cabins available will be determined by demand. Because our cabins are one open space, changing spaces and privacy options are available for campers.

Our entire staff team participates in extensive training each year and receive additional resources and training focused on creating positive all gender spaces for our campers. 

We are proud to be a camp that encourages friendship, belonging, and inclusiveness and we want to ensure that we continue to grow and support the needs of all our campers and families.  If you have questions about our single gender or all gender cabin option, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask questions or to discuss at 519-453-8858.