Experience some of the most beautiful areas of Ontario by joining us for one of our Outtrip programs. Our 5-night outtrips are a great opportunity for youth to experience the great outdoors as they develop camping skills, environmental stewardship, and leadership skills. 

All our trips are all gender, and routes are designed to meet the specific needs of each group. Participants camp in tents during their experience and will be paddling from campsite to campsite each day.

Please note that all gender trips mean that there is no guarantee that there will be another camper of the same gender on the trip. Tents on outtrips are all gender with counselors sleeping in a nearby tent.

5-Night Outtrips - Massasauga Provincial Park
Rate: $1122 + HST
Ages 10-12 - July 28 - August 2, 2024
Ages 12-14 - August 18-23, 2024

Our 5-Night Outtrips are the perfect experience for beginner trippers learn basic canoe tripping skills. Campers spend 4 nights on trip and 1 night at camp. While travelling through Massasauga Provincial Park’s beautiful landscape, campers will have the opportunity to learn basic paddling, packing, cooking, and navigation skills with the support of our camp staff.

12-Night Outtrips
Rate: $2091 + HST
Ages 12-14
Algonquin Provincial Park – June 30-July 12, 2024
French River – August 4-16, 2024 - Limited spaces available!

Our 12-Night Outtrips take our campers further into some of Ontario’s amazing wilderness spaces and allow campers to expand their canoe tripping skills. Campers will be challenged to learn more about outdoor skills, portaging, teamwork and leadership skills in a supportive and fun environment.   

Leadership Outtrip: Killarney
Rate: $2091 +HST
July 14-26, 2024

Our 12-night Leadership Outtrip programs are aimed at young leaders looking to build close friendships, develop outdoor skills, and further their leadership abilities. Participants have the opportunity to be “Leader of the Day” while on trip to practice their skills with the support of their trainers and peers.  Each trip groups consist of 7 participants and 2 leadership trainers.


Providing a safe experience on our trips is our number one priority at YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth. We take a pro-active approach to managing risks on trip through several avenues:

Trip Leaders
We hire experienced and qualified leaders for our trips through a competitive hiring process. In addition to Standard First Aid, CPR C, and Lifeguard qualifications, trip leaders have additional training and experience as leaders on a wide variety of camping trips. Trip leaders are carefully selected for their experience working with youth. Each year, trip leaders undergo an intensive risk-management training session on how to manage risks properly while on trip. 

Route Planning
Our routes are custom designed for each group. This enables us to take into account the age and experience of the participants for a challenging, yet accessible wilderness experience.

Every group takes some form of communication device with them: a satellite phone, a satellite messenger, or a cellular phone. These devices allow the trip leaders to communicate with the Camp or emergency services if needed.


Upon arrival, outtrip campers will meet with their trip leaders in Honey Harbour and the group will head out directly from there to their trip drop-off. The majority of time on trip is spent on the water paddling, learning new skills, building teamwork and interpersonal skills and, of course, having fun. The distance paddled each day depends on the trip and the experience of the group. The group is picked up on the last Thursday of the session, arriving back at CQE in time for our banquet and closing campfire.